About Us

“So, are you working hard or hardly working?”
Who hasn’t been asked that question when running into an old friend or fussing with multiple projects?  Most of us would tend to shy away from answering, “hardly working,” but those in the theatre are not like most, are they?
Hardly Working Productions is built around the notion that when you are doing something you love, it is not work.
Our production company is dedicated to putting up fun, unique, and intriguing shows.  Our productions range from stage plays that have been produced before, to brand new pieces of performance art, musicals, dance, and everything in between.
Whether you are interested in being of our actors, or if you have written a show you would like to see onstage, or if you know of a show you want to see us produce, or if you are a patron of the arts looking for quality entertainment, Hardly Working Productions has something for you.
See you on stage!


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